Special Education Teacher: Visually Disabled (Visually Disabled Teacher 2020-21)

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TitleSpecial Education Teacher: Visually Disabled
Posting IDVisually Disabled Teacher 2020-21

Classification Title:  Special Education Teacher: Visually Disabled

SDPC Teacher Salary Schedule

190 Days/7.5 Hours per day


Position requires SC Certification in Visually Disabled


Purpose Statement: The job of the Visually Disabled Teacher is to work with the purpose of the implementation of student IEPs and the programs to ensure needs-based learning in his/her classroom. 


Responsibility and Authority


The Visually Handicapped Teacher will report to the assigned school’s Principal.  They will have the responsibility to accomplish assigned duties within district policies, state laws and regulations, and federal laws and regulations as related to the school’s purpose, classroom function, and contact with students and parents. Teachers will be expected to provide after-school time as required for assisting students, consulting with parents and any other essential out-of-school work. 


Supervisor(s):    Director of Special Services and School Principal


Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Essential Functions:

  1. Maintain an awareness of best practices and current research on instruction, instructional technology, and related research that enhances and improves instruction
  2. Plan and develop effective strategies to increase student achievement by addressing individual learning differences
  3. Carry out any other duties related to the instructional program as deemed necessary by the Superintendent or his/her designee
  4. Have knowledge regarding curriculum, subject content and developmental needs of students in order to offer appropriate learning experiences
  5. Use data to gauge student progress, and guide student instruction
  6. Communicate with students, faculty, and community   
  7. Provide a safe, student-centered environment that is educationally stimulating and respectful
  8. Advocate a professional manner and participate in professional development opportunities that promote proficiency in your field
  9. Provide students with activities that deliver calculable results on recognized standards
  10. Ability to work with others
  11. Ability to accept individual differences among children
  12. Good physical and mental health
  13. CPR certification
  14. Ability to pass the Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) requirements
  15. Ability to handle unforeseen situation in accordance with policy
  16. Physically able to lift and move students when necessary
  17. Ability to assist students boarding and departing from school buses 

Minimum Education and Training

Must have SC Certification in Visually Handicapped/Disabled




  1. Planning at the beginning of the school year for the organization and sequence of instructional content and prepares for establishing the classroom learning environment
  2. Assisting children with clothing, feeding, toileting, and/or general hygiene as necessary
  3. Supervising/monitoring students during lunch, assemblies, related arts, field trips, mainstream classes, recess, etc. as deemed appropriate by the teacher
  4. Insuring correct implementation of  the students’ IEP goals and objectives
  5. Prepares instructional objectives for lessons taking into consideration the individual students IEP goals and objectives
  6. Clarifies the goals of instruction for students
  7. Presents new content in a stimulating manner at the appropriate rate and level of difficulty
  8. Manages classroom time in a way to ensure success in goals
  9. Maintaining confidentiality of  students; especially regarding student IEP and record information
  10. Assisting with discipline procedures for student behavior
  11. Maintaining  individual records for each student
  12. Guiding students in developing positive relationships with peers and adults
  13. Organizes instruction to provide a structured environment for learning
  14. Keeps lesson plans updated in the case of the need for a substitute
  15. Performing other duties as assigned by the Building Principal and the Director of Special Services


Other Responsibilities:  This position may require physical demands such as lifting, carrying, pushing, and/or pulling, stooping, or kneeling.  When necessary, the teacher may be required to assist in medical responsibilities such as catheterization, trachea care, tube feedings, etc.


All candidates must be able to pass an extensive background investigation before being hired.


The School District of Pickens County does not discriminate for reasons of age, race, sex, handicap, national origin, or religion in its communications with students, employees, the community, applicants for employment, events, or for access to its services.    

Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary RangeSDPC Teacher Salary Schedule - Salary Schedule / Per Year
LocationDistrict Wide

Applications Accepted

Start Date09/24/2019